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Fairy Circle

Sossusvlei Area, Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia

Afternoon sunlight slips in from the West, illuminating a fairy circles while a growing storm cell approaches from the East

Virtually nothing is known about these mysterious circles as you'll find on Wikipedia - "Fairy circles are enigmatic barren patches, typically found in the grasslands of the western part of southern Africa.

They are most prolific in Namibia, but are also present in Angola and South Africa.[1] These fairy circles consist of round areas barren of vegetation; as yet there is no clear picture as to how they are formed, although scientists are researching the matter. One theory suggests termites as the creator of these circles, but recent studies have stated that there is no evidence termites would cause this phenomenon. In the oral myths of Himba people these barren patches are said to have been caused by the gods and/or spirits and natural divinities.

Studies done by South African scientists shows that these circles are under continuous development. They grow in diameter, expanding to as large as 9 m in diameter, where they mature and "die", filled in by invasive grasses"

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Found in: Gallery > The Namibian Desert

landscape photo of late afternoon light a fairy circle of sossusvlei in the namib naukluft park, namibia.