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Image Licensing

All the images on my website are available to be licenced/purchased for any uses. At the moment (Oct 2013) only my very best images are on display in the main galleries on my website. I am working on a stock library that will include 800-1000 of my best photos that I have taken over the years. It should be online by the end of November. 

If you are looking for any images of Southern Africa, Seychelles or Patagonia, simply mail me via the contact page. I will send you large selections of what I have available to choose from. If I don't have what you're looking for I'll happily refer you to a photographer who does.  


I am available for any photographic assignments that involve photographing a landscape; whether natural, agricultural or urban. I travel 4-6 months in the year so it is crucial that you approach me with ample time available before your deadline. Rates start at R3000/day + expenses. 

Clients and Publications