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Hougaard Malan Landscape Photography

Photographs of Southern Africa and Abroad

I am a professional landscape photographer from South Africa with a passion for capturing compelling images of nature. I have spent most of my time behind the camera in South Africa's Western Cape and Namibia, but I've traveled plenty within Southern Africa. I will be relocating to Pretoria at the end of 2013 to focus more on the North-Western part of S.A, but also with the goal of building a portfolio of Gauteng's Cityscapes. I have always lived 2000km from the Drakensberg, so moving to within half a day's drive of South Africa's grandest landscape holds a lot of exciting prospects for me.  

Southern Africa has vast geographical diversity and photographic potential. From the towering red dunes of the Namib, seaside forests of the Wild Coast, to the Basalt peaks of the Drakensberg; there is no shortage of beautiful views. My focus is however starting to shift more to international markets and I have travelled to Patagonia and Seychelles recently in the aim to produce images with more global appeal. Tuscany and Iceland are next on my list. Click on the interactive map to explore!

For any aspiring landscape photographers, visit CapturEarth to find photography workshops, tutorials, techniques and Photoshop tips to help take your images to the next level.

I hope you enjoy my landscape photography and exploring the wonders of Southern Africa and the world through my site.  If you like what you see then you can share the site and/or follow me using the buttons on the left!


April 7, 2015

Graduated ND Filters for Landscape Photography

Filters have always been, and will always be, an essential part of landscape photography. Photoshop enthusiasts may beg to differ, but the soaring demand for these products over the past few years proves otherwise. You can, to a great extent, get away with not using filters, but simply ask yourself this; do you prefer spending

November 10, 2014

Adorabull Charity Project Promotion

For the next week, I’ll be selling my prints for next to nothing in aid of a rescue organization very close to my heart. The organization is called Adorabull Bull Terrier Rescue, situated South of Johannesburg. While on a photography trip in Tuscany this year, our beloved Bully passed away from a bee attack. In

September 22, 2014

Sick of Sunsets

In all genres of nature photography we often get far too obsessed with dramatic light. There’s nothing wrong with it and it does produce amazing shots, but in our obsession with golden light we miss many other opportunities. This week I’ll be posting my favourite ‘blue’ shots with no hint of dramatic colour. I’ll explain

 Latest Images

landscape photo of a waterfall amongst beautiful fall colours
landscape photo of sunrise colours reflected over a dramatic mountain
landscape photo of hole in the wall in dramatic sunrise colours
Landscape photo of a full moon rising over the dunes and trees of Wolwedans
Landscape photo of a tree in a mountainous valley
Landscape photo of trees in Deadvlei with a dramatic light beam in the background
  • iceland slideshow
  • Panoramic photo of the Tuscan farmlands on a misty morning