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Any of my images are available for licencing to be used as prints for private-, corporate- or retail decor use. What is the difference between buying a print and licencing an image for print use? When buying a print the photographer is responsible for the printing and provides you with the final, framed product. When licencing an image for print, the photographer provides you with the image and the printing is your own responsibility. Select your image/images and simply send me a mail via the contact page including the gallery name and image title. I will then get back to you to handle the purchase. 


Print Prices

  • 1 - R1500.00 ZAR | 150 USD | 110 EUR
  • 2 - R2900.00 ZAR | 290 USD | 200 EUR
  • 3 - R4200.00 ZAR | 420 USD | 300 EUR
  • 4 - R5200.00 ZAR | 520 USD | 370 EUR
  • 5 - R7500.00 ZAR | 750 USD | 540 EUR
  • 6-9 - R1200.00/image | 120 USD/Image | 90 EUR
  • 10+ - R11500.00/image | 115 USD/Image | 85 EUR


Printing Services

My first recommendation for a printing service is Stephen Gibson of Art Assist in Cape Town. Stephen has been doing my printing for the past two years and his service is brilliant. I can highly recommend the following printing services throughout South Africa. 


Cape Town - Art Assist

Durban - Medimage

Gauteng - Wetink


DISCLAIMER - I will hold no responsibility for bad printing by a printing service chosen by the purchasing party. There are a lot of printing services that offer very competitive pricing for a great product. There are also many general businesses that buy a large format printer and think that makes them expert printers, which is not the case. A great printer will do the necessary testing of the image file to ensure that the colour and sharpness comes out perfect. A great printer will also immediately show out flaws in the paper and reprint the image if necessary. Please do your research before choosing who to print your image with. 


Terms and Conditions

  • The prices listed above are for a single print per image. In other words; you may not make multiple prints of the same image.
  • The full-resolution files will only be provided directly to the printers and not to the purchasing party. 
  • Files will only be provided once payment reflects in my account.