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In aid of the Adorabull animal rescue, I am slashing the price of my images from R1500 down to R500. Please note that this does not include the printing cost. The full prices are indicated in the image at the bottom of the page. For more information on this project, visit this blog article. The full R500 image fee goes to Adorabull Bull Terrier rescue, which is a registered charity organisation in South Africa.

Please read the instructions on how to order very carefully. I will be travelling during the promotion and my printer, Stephen Gibson of Art Assist, will handle everything from payment to shipping. If you have any questions, please direct them to Stephen at The Artassist studio is in Cape Town, but the prints, whether mounted or not, can be couriered anywhere in South Africa.

General Information

  1. Which images can I choose from? - There are about 300 images to choose from. To download a zip file containing all the available images to choose from, please click here. Please note this file is 57MB so it might take a while to download.
  2. Which printing mediums (paper types) are available? - You can choose between a loose canvas print, mounted canvas print or loose paper print.
  3. Print Size – Please see below for the available sizes. You can also request a quote for a custom size from Stephen.
  4. Which printing medium should I choose? - Block mounting a canvas around a frame is substantially more affordable than traditional framing. The primary consideration for canvas vs. paper is thus price. If you do decide on a traditional frame over block mounting, we highly advise that you go with paper, rather than canvas. If you are still in doubt, contact Stephen – 082 257 4896
  5. Is it safe to handle a loose print? - If you purchase a loose print, do not open it by yourself. Prints can damage easily if incorrectly handled. Take it to your framing service of choice and let the professionals handle it.
  6. Is it expensive to ship a block-mounted canvas? – The shipping cost within S.A is exactly the same for a mounted canvas print as for a loose print in a tube.
  7. Where can I have it stretched or framed? - Art Assist’s stretching prices are highly competitive, so I recommend you have it stretched by them if you go the canvas route. This also saves you a lot of time and effort, as you will have the finished product delivered to your door.
  8. Can I have it printed elsewhere? - You may request that the image be printed by another printing service, but I will provide the image to them ONLY, at my discretion of their professionalism. This option will only be available until Friday the 14th as I will be out of comms from the 15th. Full resolution digital files will NOT under ANY circumstances be provided to individual people.
  9. Who can make use of this promotion? – Personal individuals as well as businesses can take advantage of this deal. You can decorate a large office with prints of S.A’s stunning scenery for less then the price of a mediocre painting!


Download the print promotion zip file available here. It contains all the images that are available. Please note that it excludes a select few of my very best images. ONLY the images in the zip file are available for this promotion.

Once you have made your decision, send an email with your chosen images attached, as well as the following information. Please complete all the requested fields so that we can handle your order as promptly and smoothly as possible. If you have questions about special orders, please send them to Stephen via the address below and cc me as well. Please note that your order will not be processed until proof of payment is received.


Please send your email as indicated below

To –

CC –

Subject – Adorabull Promotion

Include the following in the body of the mail. If ordering more than one print (unless multiples of same image), please repeat fields 1-4 for each image.

  1. Image File Name – DSC_1234
  2. Print Size – A1/A2/A3
  3. Printing Medium – Loose Canvas/Mounted Canvas/Loose Paper
  4. Quantity – 1x/2x/3x etc.
  5. Shipping Address
  6. Phone Nr
  7. Person/entity to receive invoice